- About Empathy -

"Empathy is a brand committed to giving back to the community through high quality preloved clothing."
We are a locally-owned and run brand based in Calgary, AB. Empathy believes directly supporting the community is key in building a better society. That’s why $1.00 for every item sold under $200, and a percentage from items purchased over $200, will be donated to a local charity. 

We curate the majority of our items through vintage and thrift stores within the province of Alberta. As our items are often delicate, we do not wash them. Instead we fix any slight damages ourselves and steam all items. Once we look over every piece, we package them up and prep them for delivery.

Empathy is owned and operated by sister duo Josie and Jordan Lukey, and runs with the help of a small but mighty team. Empathy was established in September 2019 as an instagram and online store. 


‘Our brand draws its strength from those seeking to improve the lives of people everyday.’


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- Empathy Policies -

Due to items being secondhand/vintage, all items are final sale. Please note items may have slight damages. While we do our best to repair them, there may still be some minor flaws or signs of wear. Before placing your order, please review the measurements and information about the item.

- 2019/2020 Charity-

Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter


For the next year, Empathy is pleased to partner with the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter. 


The CWES is focused on ending family violence and abuse in the lives of women, children, youth and men. Their mission is to support individuals, families and communities to live free from family violence and abuse. 


The CWES serves more than 15,000 Calgarians annually.


Read more about them here.

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